Mint, Lemongrass and Black Tea – Calm with A Relax Tea


What is Relax Tea?

We were born in a fast-paced world. And, we all are more stressed out than ever before since we try to live our lives in a breathless, dizzy way. Living this way day by day affects badly our health and relationships.

You feel messy sometimes and seek to be relaxed a bit. Yes, one of the biggest threats to our overall health is prolonged stress. Therefore, daily we should try to be relaxed and de-stress to have good health. It’ll be good if we can do it naturally other than seeking artificial comfort.  That is where Ranmal tea made stress-relieving relax tea for you.

Finding time for relaxing with a cup of tea can increase our well-being. The teacup will be like your favourite best friend or a sweater that comforts you when you need warmth. Do you believe that you can use your tea for anxiety?  Yes! Herbal tea is the healthiest drink with natural ingredients, and drinking herbal relax tea is the perfect way to get rid of the stresses of your daily life. It can soothe your senses, emotions, and tiredness with its pleasant aroma, warmth, colour, and medicinal value.  Ceylon Relax tea is an infusion of Sri Lanka’s bests finely grown revered medicinal herbs like ranawara, tiramisu, lemon, mint, tulsi, lemongrass, Gotu kola, cardamom, and some more.

Mint, Lemongrass and Black Tea


Other than having a one-flavour relax tea alone, a mixture of flavours will give a different value and enhanced experience to you. A good flavour mix sip of mint lemongrass and black tea will take you to another top step of relaxation.

Mint, lemongrass, and tea leaves are some of the best herbs used in relax tea. All these three flavours go very well with several other flavours without harming their flavours or losing their value. Just think what a blessing to have a sip combining all the health benefits to give you a maximum relaxing experience with a higher medicinal value.

Do you know? Mint tea is a classic relaxing choice for you. And plays double duty as a soothing and energizing drink. Ranmal tea use finely grown fresh mint leaves.  We remove mint leaves moisture with the processes like steaming, rolling, piping, shaping, and drying to add in a teabag. Also, fresh lemongrass leaves are processed finely to retain the green colour. Then we create an amazing relax tea mix by adding organically grown and safely processed black tea.

Sometimes it’s not good to drink several pure lemongrass teas frequently within a single day. But with a mix like this, it may be a super balanced drink for your health.  And this super tea bag of Mint, Lemongrass and black tea give you a balanced amount of caffeine as well.


Health Benefits Of Mint, Lemongrass, & Black Tea.

Do you think that a well-mixed relax tea like Mint, Lemongrass and Black tea will only make you relax? Honestly not. It gives you a range of other health benefits too. Let’s see what benefits we can have from mint, lemongrass, and black tea extracts.

1. Health Benefits from Mint Tea


Mint is one of the best health remedies that have been known for centuries. And one of the best in relax tea ranges.  Do you know? Mint leaves retain most of their benefits even they infused. Consuming mint tea is very good for your health in many ways. It has a sweet and pleasant scent and is calorie-free. And consists of antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory properties. Especially in this COVID-19 pandemic period, you can have tea with mint to strengthen your immune system. There is nothing simpler than making a good cup of tea with mint to reap the benefits it can provide.

1.1. Do you have problems with Indigestion?

One of the most well-known advantages of mint tea is its ability to relieve stomach pain. If you have an upset stomach and problems with digestion, the mint flavour can help to soothe it.

Mint tea can be blended with other healthful herbs and extracts, such as ginger and lemongrass that can provide you with several digestive benefits like constipation relief.

1.2. What about caffeine?

Yes! Mint tea is a herbal drink that has no caffeine. Some of us drink mint tea for its refreshing sense and relaxing taste. Some find it a perfect alternative to caffeinated hot drinks. If you are not a caffeine lover, you may try it.

1.3. It is Sugar-Free!

If you want to reduce your sugar intake, or you want to cut out sugar for health reasons, you are blessed with this mint tea. Drinking a mint tea with its slight natural sweetness and pleasant aroma is a great hydrating option you can choose among drinking sugar-laden colas, fruit juice, or soft drinks. If you feel like flagging yourself in the mid-afternoon, you can go for a relaxed mint tea sip instead of drinking sugary soft drinks.

1.4. Knew that Mint is an allergy relief for you?

You may not know that you can find rosmarinic acid in mint tea, which can find in rosemary and some other mint families. Rosmarinic acid can reduce symptoms of allergic reactions such as sneezing, itching, and runny nose.

1.5. Yay! It prevents your Bad breath

Mint is also a common ingredient in your toothpaste. Also, mint is added to some of the typical grocery store options such as breath mints and chewing gum that helps you fight bad breath.  However, mint tea is an amazing option and a fully natural way to wash away the bacteria in your mouth which produce bad breath.

1.6. A good natural painkiller for you

The fresh and unique aroma from the mint extract in your tea can suddenly bring out a cooling sensation. Also helping with tension and headaches. And vapours released from the tea can help you to relax tense cranial muscles and relieve pain. The soothing compounds found in mint tea helps to reduce the pain of menstrual cramping. So before going for the painkillers, worth trying some mint tea first.

2. Health Benefits from Lemongrass Tea


Lemongrass tea is made from the dried leaves or stalks taken from the lemongrass plant called Cymbopogom which normally grows in warmer temperatures. Lemongrass tea is naturally caffeine-free.  So you can drink at any preferred time of the day without any problem.

Lemongrass tea has a slightly lemony taste but does not contain astringent or tangy notes of classic lemons. It is slightly sweet and has a crisp, brisk finish. Lemongrass tea is light yellow after brewing it and makes hints of lemon in its aroma. Thanks to the above features lemongrass tea can easily be blended with mint or black tea.

2.1. Lemon Grass tea has antioxidant properties

Other than a relaxing tea, lemongrass contains several antioxidants, which can help to fight free radicals in your body that may cause diseases.

2.2. Suffering from inflammation?

Inflammation normally plays a role in many conditions like heart disease and stroke. According to the researchers, some main compounds in lemongrass are responsible for anti-inflammatory benefits. These compounds help to stop the release of certain inflammation-causing markers in your body.

2.3. It may lower your risk of cancer.

Lemongrass tea has powerful anticancer properties against several cancer cell lines. Some components of lemongrass fight against cancer. This is done by either directly promoting cell death or by increasing your immunity. So that your body is better prepared to fight cancer on its own. Lemongrass tea is also used as a combination therapy during radiation and chemo treatments. But make sure you should only be used under the advice of your doctor.

2.4. Another buddy who encourages proper digestion

A cup of relax tea with lemongrass is an easy option to cure your upset stomach, stomach cramping, and other digestive issues. Lemongrass helps against stomach ulcers too.  As per the findings, the tea extract of lemongrass leaves can protect the stomach wall against aspirin and ethanol damage. Using aspirin regularly is a common cause of stomach ulcers.

2.5. It can act as a diuretic.

Lemongrass is a well-known diuretic in the area of natural health. A diuretic causes you to urinate more frequently. So, emptying your body of extra fluid and sodium. If you have heart failure, liver failure, or edema, diuretics are good for you.

2.6. Will support your weight loss journey?

Yes! Lemongrass tea is used as a cleansing tea to boost your metabolism and help weight loss. However, the majority of research on lemongrass and weight loss is observational than scientific. Lemongrass is a natural diuretic, so if you drink enough of it, you’ll probably lose some weight. Normally, substituting herbal teas like lemongrass for soft drinks and other sugar-sweetened drinks in your diet may help you achieve your weight loss goals. However, you should not only consume lemongrass tea. This may increase your chances of experiencing negative effects. So you can have better results if you go along with mint or black tea.

3. Health Benefits from Black Tea


Black tea is also a relax tea that can calm down you. Black tea is made using the leaves of the Camellia sinensis tree. It has Caffeine to a considerable with other stimulants and antioxidants. We can drink it hot or cold. But before cooling, it should always be steeped in hot water. Let’s check out the health benefits of black tea.

 3.1. Good buddy for your Heart Health

So many studies revealed that black tea helps to increase your heart health. Black tea has special compounds such as flavonoids that provide important heart health benefits. These compounds can help to prevent plaque formation in your body’s arteries, which can reduce stress on the heart. And, most of the results from several ongoing researches show that drinking black tea has been linked to a reduction in heart attacks and strokes.

3.2. Here again, you can improve digestion problems

Black tea has also can help improve digestion and cure stomach aches. Studies show that drinking black tea can impact positively digestion, and can help to reduce your gastrointestinal pains when they arise. You can have a cup of black tea after a rich meal or when you are having a stomachache, so, you may feel comfortable and have relief.

3.3. Black tea can lower Blood Pressure?

Yes! Drinking black tea daily can reduce blood pressure and you can make it a good addition to a healthier lifestyle.  You can improve your heart health by lowering blood pressure. Also, you can reduce the risk of other illnesses and diseases. Black tea has also helped reduce your stress and enhance relaxation, which is again good for your blood pressure.

 3.4. Seeking Energy and Alertness throughout the day?

Yes, we all are! Black tea is one of the best teas you can use early in the morning if you’re looking for something as your morning motivator. Because black tea is an energizing tea that helps you to increase alertness and focus for the whole day. Black tea contains a medium and favourable amount of caffeine like half that of a cup of coffee you drink. This gives you a good boost of energy when you’re feeling sleepy, without any of the headaches or other negative side effects that can come with more caffeine intake.

 3.5. It’s Good for Your Skin

I know that it makes sense!  It’s not only a relax tea for you. Yes, black tea has different types of vitamins and minerals such as zinc, magnesium, and potassium, that are good for your skin.  All those can help to protect and regenerate the skin cells. Also consuming black tea is a great option to stay hydrated. Then it can help the skin to look healthy, fresh, and nourished with a good tone. Daily tea-drinking rituals can help you make sure that your skin stays and looks pretty good.

3.6. You‘ve got a saviour here for fights off colds

If you’re going through a rough time with the weather, a cup of black tea can help to relieve symptoms of the common cold or maybe prevent colds totally. Black tea includes catechins, which have antiviral qualities, and may help to prevent common illnesses like colds and the flu. A cup of black tea can be a simple, effective method to remain healthy throughout cold and flu season.

3.7. A buddy for Headaches

Black tea can relieve slight headaches with its low caffeine level. It narrows blood vessels, which are usually the source of headaches. It helps to relieve your symptoms and lower pain. Caffeine in black tea can also help raise the effectiveness of pain relievers such as aspirin.  But you should use caffeine carefully to cure headaches, as black tea can potentially produce headaches if drank in excess. As an alternative, you can go with some mint tea along with black tea as well.

So, these are some of the significant health benefits of this amazing mixture of relax tea with Mint lemongrass and black tea.  Drink this relax tea not just for stress-relieve but to have more and more health benefits.



Having a cup of hot, Ceylon relax tea is one of the best treats that your stressed-out body could ever deserve.  Creating a practice of relaxation with tea can smooth your senses and heal your nerves. Having some free, quiet moments during tea time does help you get rid of all your tiredness.

No arguments that well-together flavours mix sip of mint, lemongrass and black tea will take you to another level of relaxed mindset. Ranmal teas are always using Sri Lanka’s finely grown fresh herbs and process them through traditional ways to protect the medicinal values of the herbs. You are welcome to brew up this tastiest Mint, Lemongrass and Black tea in your cup to be relaxed.

Hope you find this article useful to make your new tea rituals! Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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